Glamour is spontaneity.
Glamour is a look on your face that says "Fuck yeah, this is who I am"
Glamour is and will always be lying with your feet up on a couch,
shoes on, shirt unbuttoned.
Glamour is setting the world on fire, literally and figuratively.
Glamour is pretending you don't care
while secretly blowing people's minds.
Glamour is flirting with everyone.
Glamour is five thousand explosions and a supernova.
Glamour is taking off your sunglasses last. (Except in lovemaking)
Glamour is and will always be a black tie, a black suit, and a young face.
Glamour is running through the streets at night.
Get yourself a long coat.
Glamour is above all, an unabashed expression of personal style,
twitchy trigger finger, safety off.

Music "Lone Runner" by Dirty Beaches

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