Wear more red.

Cahiers: "There is a good deal of blood in Pierrot."
Godard: "Not blood, red."

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Paint Your Face

This blog is dedicated to, and is for, and about the style of men. Particularly those of youth, especially those with subversive tendencies. Those who tread on plastic superstore followers, feel sick to their stomach if they camouflage with society, feel the nostalgia they weren’t alive to remember, write in their own words as much as they quote others, see colors instead of objects, can’t feel without music. Create what they destroy, destroy what they create. Live like they don't care while still caring wholeheartedly. Never stop looking for inspiration. Wear their clothes like a second skin. It’s not about fashion, it’s about style. The gentleman punks, the romantic iconoclasts, the label-less artists. Rebels with painted faces.

Everyday I seek to inspire you or break up the monotony or remind you why you still do it. With images. With music. With moving pictures. This will be the longest post you will read here.

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