I am suspended in the cinema of that moment

"Fathoms under fathoms,
that's how heavy I laid upon you.

What are you to me?

You are more than on my side,
you are the weapon on my side.
Safety off."

Excerpts from Derrick Brown's "Collide Escape"


Struggle makes us fantastic.

"I'll take a hot kiss in Hades over sex in a Mercedes.
So that if I curse the devil
my mouth can understand
the logic in the heart of the only angel denied mercy.

I want the action and the grit
and the blood inside your lips,
a knife to the throat of the poetry we knew.

It is:

Excerpts from Derrick Brown's "A Kick In The Chest"


it's not that I wait for you/it's that/my arms are doors I cannot close.

"you are an electric chair disguised as a la-z-boy recliner
and I find comfort in you

my clear bones take shape in the mouth of glassblower with asthma
for there is no perfection in me
but maybe clarity.

crush me with the satisfaction of your black misted, unclocked breath.
I always come back to the secrets and wonder of your breath.
It is something for sparrows to wander in."

This week is Derrick Brown week. Excerpts from his poem "Pussycat Interstellar Naked Hotrod Mofo Ladybug Lustblaster!"


The awesomeness of Jean Michel Basquiat.

This is one of my favorite paintings of all time.

Can you handle it??? Can you handle the genius???


Camping Essentials

1. Amp that runs on batteries.
2. Something musical to plug into the amp.
3. Batteries!
4. Tape recorder


Paul Simonon. Hell yeah.

He just knew style. He understood. How can you not respect that?



To the lonely boys, the lonely girls are waiting.

Sorry for the recurring theme, it won't happen again.