Now that summer is here in all its humid glory, 
it's the perfect time to rock the Jesus & Mary Chain 
fucked up, frizzed up hairdo.

Comb roots up around the base, fluff the top, and let the humidity do all the work.


Keep It Classy

This is too good not to share.  I wish all collars had back buttons, perfect.  Notice how their hair is disheveled, but their clothes are neat?  Essential for not looking like a boob.


Embrace Your Weirdness

John Waters knows what's up.  Stop trying to be cool.



This quote by Ira Glass has been making the rounds, but it's become like a daily affirmation for me, so I wanted to share.  The second pic is some sweet art.  If you know the artist please comment, I want to credit.


Bands That Should Tour The East Coast, Part 1: JETSKIIS

Moonlight Kawasaki Ride IS sex on the beach.  Jesus Christ, 
where do I get my hands on some Jetskiis vinyl.