Billy Rapped All Night 'Bout His Suicide

Perhaps one of my favorite editorials of all time.

This picture is quintessential RWPF.

Photography by Jacob DeKat

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This Blog Will Never Be Famous

It is not hard to figure out what people want. It is only a matter of deciding whether or not you are going to give it to them. This blog will never be famous because it is not about street style, runway fashion, or personal sartorial choices. I will not be setting the timer on my camera, posing in a nonchalant way, and post the results, pretending that I am completely unaware of how fabulous I look. I knew what I wanted this blog to be about from the beginning, and I stick by that. Besides, everyone else covers the aforementioned areas so well, any attempt to mimic them would be superfluous.

I try to keep the blah blah blah to a minimum, but sometimes I feel compelled. The following facts are specific to artists (writers, painters, musicians, etc), but are relevant to people of all passions.

FACT 1: The work you feel the most passionate about, have the deepest connection with, will be the most undervalued by the public. Even ignoring the argument that no one could match the depth of feeling you have for your own work, this fact is true because the general public tends to have bad taste. Wait, I take that back. The general public tends to have shallow taste. Hence the proliferation of shiny, lucrative pop music, and the general unawareness of gritty, soul-shattering noise blues (I'm sure it exists, if not, get on that shit).
If you are ever to achieve a level of satisfaction in your work, you MUST come to terms with this fact. Reject the need to feel appreciated by the masses, embrace the support you have from those two people in the back, and in the wake of realizing that you are the only person who gets it, take comfort in your own self awareness.

FACT 2: You may never become famous. I know right? WHAAAAAT??? But more importantly you will never achieve fame (minor or major) for the right reasons. Fame is always a consequence, never an achievement. Unless you're a fame whore with no artistic ideals, in which case, bon voyage. Wait, what are you doing here?

FACT 3: If you want to keep every part of yourself, you can never give them what they want. Whose them? What do they want? Those people over there, and don't give it to them. They'll say, "This is perfect, but it would be even better if you changed it just a little..." I'm not saying never compromise, but if you do, be aware of the pieces of yourself you must break off and give away in the process. Sometimes they are pieces not worth keeping, but usually they are.

FACT 4: Never trust people trying to tell you the facts of life. This is all bullshit, I have no idea what I'm talking about.
Some words of wisdom from The Man Himself.

More Son House Advice

À bientôt, RWPF

P.S. This blog is steering towards the direction of self expression rather than 'wear a black tie with a plaid shirt', 'roll up your pants', etc etc. As you may have noticed. Feel free to jump ship or jump aboard. Anchors away, I suppose.


Scott Walker Does It Better

Probably one of my favorite images. Skinny cords,
rolled up sleeves, red scarf, dark glasses,
an expression that reads "Am I bothered?"

The man rocked corduroy like it was nobody's business.

Channeling Morrison.
Channeling Belmondo.