I Want Dirty Beaches

I heard this guy play before the Crocodiles the other night. He was fuckin' great. One stylish motherfucker.

I feel like he could have opened for Joy Division or Suicide or Roy Orbison or the Beach Boys or the Stooges, if only in a Californian Dream. He got me out of my head for a while and it was great.

Dear Dirty Beaches, Thanks for everything, xoxoxo RWPF


Oh yeah, meeting one half of the Crocodiles was kick ass too.



Do you know how long I've been gone?

Sid is my favorite, which is telling. He embodies my obsessions at the moment: skaters, sweaters, skinnies and red.



This is my second post on Hedi Slimane, but I can't get over him. I want everything he creates to be intravenously injected into my body.

CLICK ON THIS DO IT NOW www.hedislimane.com
The other video is on the link, why didn't you click?


I'm In The Right Place The Wrong Time, That's How I Feel Everyday

This post is also called: I Promise I'm Not Lazy, Quite The Contrary, I've Been Too Busy To Post, Let's Stay Friends