13 Questions: KAZLAND

Meet KAZLAND.  The U.K.'s answer to the ghosts of the underground Brooklyn art scene, back when it was all grit and spit and bloody lips.  Born and bred in Fleet, Hampshire, he's shown work at The Keystone, The Hart Centre, The West End Centre and Farnham Art.  When he's not arting, you might catch him shredding on stage for FOE (probably wearing leopard print).  Kaz let me ask him 13 questions...

Describe your style in three words.

What’s your process like?
I have to have lots of things to work off, like movies, music, books etc. And I work and re-work until it looks like something I’ve had in my head at one time or another. If that makes sense.

What and where would your dream exhibit be?
Either that old subway station from the teenage mutant ninja turtles movies, a huge wooden room built sneakily somewhere.. or Carnegie Hall.

Who's your favorite contemporary artist at the moment? 
Harmony Korine (if he counts).  I find myself constantly inspired by his films.

Whose art do you want burn?
Either Damien Hurst or Claire Fontaine’s. 

What’s your favorite article of clothing?
I flicker between lots. Currently it’s a short sleeved, buttonless, collared green sparkly leopard print cardigan.

Never leave home without…?
My bag, sunglasses, a camera, a hat and drawing things.

If you could only paint with two colors the rest of your life, what would they be?
Boring answer but white and black.

Best movie to art to?
Pulp Fiction or Gummo.

Jack White and Jamie Hince get in a bar fight.  Who wins?
Well I know Jacky White’s got a mean left hook. But there’s a smashing video of Hince in a drunken papp brawl.. I’d say Jack. He’s got big ol’ arms.

What was the last thing you drew?
Lot’s of foetuses or foeti in a bears stomach.

Worst thing about being an artist?
I ruin a lot of trousers.. and paint’s expensive.

You mix a drink called the Basquiat.  What’s in it?
Heroin and simple syrup with a lemon twist. (in a funky glass)

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