Jarek Puczel vs. Yann Faucher

All paintings by JAREK PUCZEL
All photography by YANN FAUCHER for The Ones To Watch 
Music by The Magnetic Fields 


Where I Am When I'm Not With You

I don't like talking about myself on this blog because I think (a) no one cares and (b) that's not why I started it.  But forgive me, I feel compelled to today.  
I haven't been posting much at all lately because college literally has me by the throat.  I'm a fashion student (NO, really?!?), and I struggle to keep up with work and a "social" life and the occasional artistic indulgence.  I'm afraid Rebels hasn't been on my priority list.
When I started this thing my freshman year it was only as a means to explore my growing interest in menswear.  I think my audience is pretty small, and I like the intimacy.  
Now I'm heading into my senior year and will be working on my thesis collection.  I hope to be able to share with you in the coming months my personal research, inspiration, and progress.  It's really fucking exciting and terrifying and wonderful.
In the mean time, stick with me.  I've got some posts in the queue, some things to share.  
^^^Steve Mcqueen's tired, and so am I, but there's still blood pumping behind this screen. 


P.S.  This is my 200th post!  Drinks on the house!