0. Sister Gracie to play my apartment on New Year's Eve

1. Jean Paul Belmondo's hat

2. "Untitled Skull" painting by Jean Michel Basquiat

3. Gentleman Jack Limited Edition whiskey

4. The Eternal Coolness of Alain Delon

5. Whatever The Fuck This Is

6. "Pierrot le fou" on 16mm film reels

7. To Be Able To Stare At People Like This

8. An Unnecessary Amount of Moleskines

9. Colin Firth's glasses in "A Single Man"

10. The White Stripes Limited Edition Record Player Boxed Set
11. J.W. Anderson Crystal Toed Boots

12. Um Yeah Fuckin A Right On

Reasonable demands, no?


The Velvet Scientist said...

your blog is so cool, love this post.

Rebels With Painted Faces said...

Thanks, I just looked at yours though and it's way fuckin' cooler than mine.